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The Real Cost of Selling a House

It's all but Thanksgiving, which means people everywhere will be sharing what they're thankful for even though eating themselves silly. In the vigor of the holiday, I fully objective to eat my weight in turkey, green bean casserole and charming potatoes. But I also thought I'd portion one of the reasons I'm really thankful that I found BiggerPockets this year (in February, to be exact). Thanks to the podcast and blog posts, I comprehend that ARV minus buy price and renovation costs does NOT equal profit. Knowing how to rule the numbers correctly based on that accord has been fittingly necessary in my first nine months of truly digging into genuine home investing.

I'm primarily a buy-and-hold investor, so I don't plan to sell often. But I did recently sell my first house in Nashville, Tennessee, rental (which I purchased in the past finding BiggerPockets) in order to put my allowance to do something in a improved investment. and thought the savings account and numbers might have the funds for some good keenness for fellow newbies into the genuine cost of selling a home. for that reason let's start later than the home itself:


Like many investors, I dipped my toe into investing by holding on to my first primary quarters and renting it out later I bought a supplementary house. Here's some background info upon the property:

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- 3 bed, 2.5 bath house in the same way as 2,100 sqft, benefit a ended basement & two car garage.
- purchase price: $217,000
- next to payment: $12,000
- Financing: $205,000 financed through a VA loan
- PITI: $1,307
- Rent: $1,795
- Monthly cash flow: ~$50 after property management, repairs, capex, etc.

As our tenants of two years were getting ready to fake out, my husband and I chatted once our agent and estimated that we had not quite $80K in equity in the place. We arranged to sell the property and put the child support into a property that would offer greater than before monthly cash flow. But it had been rented for two years, correspondingly it was going to need some pretense previously we listed it. And, of course, there are a lot of new costs that amass up, including holding costs, agent commissions, closing costs, etc. for that reason what did it cost us to sell this place?


To get our property ready to sell, we replaced every the carpeting, repainted the entire interior as with ease as the stomach porch, spruced in the works the landscaping, and did some miscellaneous repairs such as putting in open white electrical outlet covers and switching any brass hardware to brushed nickel. every this work, lead a deep cleaning and an occupancy inspection, cost us just below $19K.

The work paid off. After listing the property at $259,900, which was a summit list price for the area, we normal two full-price offers within 24 hours (though both requested a seller bank account to assist in the manner of closing costs). However, there were more costs to come. The inspection revealed repairs needed to the electrical box, water heater, and the front porch. all this pretense led to an new $2K in costs. Of course, we afterward had holding costs during the 2.5 months it took to update, list the property, and get through closing. And subsequently you have to factor in commissions and closing costs. fittingly how did all this fracture down? So who can buy houses for cash in Chattanooga, Tennessee? Keep reading!

+ Sale Price: $259,900
- Mortgage Balance: $177,797
- Commission (5.15%): $13,385
- Closing Costs: $7,276 (includes title company fees, home warranty, closing cost checking account to buyer, etc.)
= Proceeds from Closing: $61,442

We traditional a little over $61K from closing, but that isn't unchangeable profit! remember that we had keep we had to put in prior to closing for our original by the side of payment, renovations, and holding costs though updating and selling. as a result how much cash did we have into the property, and what was our actual profit?

- native down Payment: $12,000
- Renovations for Sale: $18,630
- Inspection Resolution: $2,075
- Holding Costs: $3,655 (2.5 months of PITI and promote payments)
= total Cash In: $36,360

This means our unconditional profit was $25,082 ($61,442 minus the $36,360 we put in). A $25K gain upon $36K invested isn't bad... that's a 69% cash-on-cash return! But $25K is a lot less than the estimated $80K in equity I mentioned earlier. And we would have had even more costs, either from taxes or from the cost to attain a 1031 exchange, if we hadn't lived in the property for 2 of the last 5 years, hence that's even more to regard as being if you're like flipping properties.

The moral of the story? run your numbers and don't forget the hidden costs united next buying and selling! In our case, the sum proceeds from this sale were more than passable to purchase a property that will cash flow 8 to 10 period as well as our first rental property did! We close on that tomorrow, suitably more to come on that soon.

The Real Estate Roller Coaster Ride 

Yesterday was a weird day for me. I felt every the emotional ups and downs that you listen not quite in real house in one day! I thought it might encourage further newbies if I shared an example of the insane roller coaster experiences that can happen in real home investing. It seems to be the norm... therefore I guess we all just have to hold upon tight and try not to puke.

The High: A great Sale

My daylight started at 6am, as it always does. before I hop in the shower, I usually scan my email to look if everything important came in overnight. sure enough, in my inbox were not one, but TWO full-price offers upon a property I had just listed for sale the daylight prior. After living in it for a few years, and later renting it out for the last two years to exam my fascination in brute landlord, I settled it was time to sell it and put my equity into properties that would provide better cash flow. I did a wander through taking into account my agent just before my tenants moved out to determine how much sham to put in to make it a competitive listing in the neighborhood. We granted to focus upon the basics - other paint, extra flooring, and cleaning occurring the landscaping - benefit a few small repairs and capability touches. upon top of getting to dip my toe in the water as a rental property owner, these renovations felt similar to an opportunity to attain a "mini flip" and acquire a environment for that process as well. good learning experiences, right? It gets better.

With beyond 2,500 sqft of lively look to update, the renovations cost a total of $18,700. grow that to my $12,000 by the side of payment approximately five years ago, and a couple months of holding costs, and I'm into this property for $33,800 of my own cash. We listed at $259,900, and got TWO full-price offers within 24 hours! It's officially below contract, and after commissions, closing costs, paying off my mortgage, etc. I should get roughly $65,500 back up in my account. for that reason usefully looking at this sale, and not accounting for the cash flow I made while renting it, I stand to make a profit of $31,700, which translates to an ROI of 94%!

We yet have to acquire through the inspection become old and actually close, and I know roadblocks could pop happening along the way. Luckily, the property is in fine shape and there isn't much inventory on the publicize right now, consequently I'm optimistic that every parties committed are eager to create this work. As a newer investor, this feels in the same way as a win!

The Low: A Nightmare Tenant

After riding the high from getting my "mini flip" under pact suitably quickly, my afternoon took an unfortunate turn. I got a call from the property officer of the 4-family rental property I purchased in June. We familial three tenants, made some updates to the empty fourth unit, and have been showing that to potential tenants for the as soon as month.

I was hoping the property bureaucrat was calling subsequent to fine news not quite an applicant for the vacant unit. No such luck. Instead, he had some certainly bad news virtually one of our existing tenants. We have excuse to give a positive response he's a convicted felon. talk about a low! I could mood my tummy flipping as my property executive explained what he knew, and what else he needed to find out, and that he'd be working considering a detective to get the in flames of the details.

I won't go into any of details now, because we JUST found this out and the tenant is obviously still in the property. Suffice it to say that upon top of not filling my empty unit as quickly as I'd hoped, it looks subsequently I'll have different vacancy utterly soon. hope me luck, folks.

The adore of the Ride

At the stop of the day, I was more optimistic than I was nervous. I know what you're thinking... I probably have an uphill fight ahead to stabilize my 4-family. I agree! And I look writing a detailed blog post virtually the stabilization process in my future. But the good news is I'm learning every day, improving, and nevertheless confidently upsetting toward my goal of financial freedom.

Yes, it will be tough. Yes, I'll acquire some bumps along the way. But I'll with experience some exhilarating wins. And if I am smart, conservative, and courteous to learn from my mistakes, I'll create it. Roller coasters aren't for everyone... but I've always loved them. ;)

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